Choreography  includes:

Fighting Like A Girl and What It Taught Me (2019)

FLAGaWITM rehearsal stills 2A multi-lingual solo investigating the processing of violence in the body.

Supported by the Arts Council Wales and Theatrau Sir Gâr, in collaboration with Ioan Hefin and Eleanor Shaw.

Y Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli



Not Two / अद्वैत  (2017)

Research and development supported by the Arts Council Wales and Theatrau Sir Gâr, in collaboration with musician Rajesh David and creative producer Eleanor Shaw

Y Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli

Click here for extracts of the sharing (3 minutes).



Gurukula / गुरुकुल  (2016)

P1000064Research and development supported by Le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and Theatrau Sir Gâr, investigating the meeting place of, kaḷarippayaṟṟ˘, aikido, contemplative practice and dance. With dancer Laurie-Anne Langis

Y Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli


Rituals of Faith and Imagination (2013)

“The audience remained transfixed, focused within your channeled energy…

…there is something about you, Lucy, that draws away from the physical environment and draws us into you.”

Cheryl Beer – writer, song-writer, organiser of Celtic WomenFest

Rituals of Faith and Imagination drew on ritual, martial art and the gridding of words on the body and in space.  It took inspiration from a training period in south India in the martial art of kaḷarippayaṟṟ˘.

Lucy was Y Ffwrnes Theatre’s first Adopta artist, which made this solo possible.

The solo was last performed at Wales Dance Platform 2014 at Wales Millennium Centre.


H2O : avant le déluge (2012)H20 avant le deluge

scripted improvised dance on water and ice, how they live in us, we in them

with Helen Tennsion, supported by Volcano Theatre Company



There’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in (2011)

ending _000001a film exploring the meeting place of dance, aikido and the Welsh coast

with Jane Hosgood, a Gower Films production

Click here to watch it on Youtube (10 minutes).


La Blanche (the white girl) (2010 & 2011)

The wind and the water wash the colours over and into one another so that edges are not quite defined…

Lucy 1981-82bilingual improvised dance on colour, memory and the geography of belonging

Alliance Française de Bangalore, Bonjour India! festival and Chapter, Cardiff, supported by Volcano Theatre Company and Pineapple Dance Studios

Click here to watch a short study of inspirations for the solo (2 minutes).


IMG_6878The Spaces Between (2010)

Alliance Française de Bangalore, Bonjour India! festival

Click here to watch excerpts (4 minutes).

dancers: Nayana Bhat, Pia Bunglowala, Charan C. S., Marjory Duprés, Sowmya Jaganmurthy, Vibhinna Ramdev


On your island, does the night fall later?  (2001)

EPSON MFP image…The balance is never made.

Yet in the night your eyes and mine

sounding one another

show no trace of vertigo.   ~ John Berger

for Remix Dance Project, South Africa

dancers: Malcom Black & Nicola Visser

Click here to watch it on Youtube (9 minutes). 


Jarvis Cocker Leant on Me (2000)

with Adrienne Quartly


After Everything (I will love you as if it were always before)  (1998)After Everything, Newcastle Playhouse, 1999

Gulbenkian Studio (Newcastle Playhouse) & Tramway @ The Arches (Glasgow)

performers: Isabel Caballero, Lucy May Constantini, Natasha Holmes, Helen Tennison



French Letters

French Letters (1997)

Théâtre des Trois Chênes, Le Quesnoy & Théâtre de la Ville, Douai (France)

dancers: Lucy May Constantini & Nicola Visser

in collaboration with Maybelline Quenneson,



Lucy May Constantini started exploring movement in a vaguely formal context when she was two years old, and has been following that calling ever since.  She has worked extensively in dance and theatre since 1997 as a performer, choreographer, movement director and teacher, mostly in the UK, but also in Europe, Asia and South Africa.  She is a passionate explorer of improvisation, with a focus on Contact Improvisation which she first learnt from Laurie Booth while at Laban in 1997.  She has studied with some of the pioneers of the form, including Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Kirstie Simson, who continue to inspire her.  Lucy has a long-standing interest in martial arts and body practices and how these relate to dance-making.  Over the years, her studies in these forms have included kaḷarippayaṟṟ˘, aikido, wing chun kung-fu, Thai massage and yoga.

Lucy has also worked extensively as a movement director in theatre, professionally and for final year drama school productions, and performs in both dance and theatre.



dance, martial arts, yoga: doer and researcher